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POCKETLuberBP      Handy Bullet Luber and Carry Tool

POCKETLuberBP will be offered on a preorder basis only due to labor intensive machining costs.  

If you want one of these quality tools, Please email a caliber request!

A preorder page will be setup here soon.

Carry Pouches are no longer available.

Calibers available:

•All calibers SOLD OUT•

Domestic Shipping- $6.80 for up to five (5) lubers within 1-2 days USPS® Mail

I.D. tolerances are within +/- .001″

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 Operation Notes…

Load lube reservoir and insert cast bullets. Turn in thumb screw to feed lube grooves. Add lube until it bleeds out excess through end bleed hole to completely fill your POCKETLuberBP™.

Wipe off excess lube on your undersize bullets if needed. Use lead softer than Aluminum for larger bullets that will be sized during insertion.

If you desire to keep a larger, upper driving band diameter, simply size the base lube grooves only.

POCKETLuberBP™ USPS® International shipping (USD):

$9.50- USPS Insured (1 Luber)

$15.50- USPS Insured (2 Lubers)

$34.95 – USPS International Insured (for up to 5 Lubers)

$67.50 – USPS Priority® International Medium Flat Rate Insured (6 or more Lubers)

“Just wanted to let you know that I received my Luber and it is really slick! I tried it with some hard-core nubile wax and Maxie balls and it works like a charm you are a genius congratulations!” Susan M.

Add your favorite bullet lube in the lube reservoir, insert your muzzleloader cast bullets, black powder cartridge cast, CAS shooting or other cast bullets for an economical pressure feed tool to lube your bullet grooves, plus makes a handy holder in the field.

•All orders ship first com first serve•





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45 Caliber Rifle, 44 Caliber