PatMarlinsPatmarlins™ founded in 2008, is an up and coming company that is the genesis of what American ingenuity can be in today's shooting world. A manufacturing and product development shop, Pat's designs are truly original and unique with more new exciting products to come on the horizon, providing precision quality- imagination, and old American values in service and workmanship for his customers.
-Jay Lewis 

PatRalleyforAmericaShooting World

In 2008... Pat designed and started manufacturing and selling the ROCKDock™ and 30 caliber Checkmaker™ dies with one old Logan Lathe- totally off grid in a remote part of the Shasta Trinity National forrest in California.

Today, Pat has production shop facility with (4) CNC machines- (computer numerical control), and (4) industry standard manual machines running 5-6 days a week with over 50 calibers of Checkmaker™ dies, the ROCKDock™ and POCKETLuberBP™ shipping world wide.

"All business to date had been word of mouth until my first ad running in Oct 2015 Handloader Magazine. Right over RCBS Huntingtons ad, who started out much like I have, not to far from here. Companies I dreamed about as a kid going to gunshows with my father."

To date with thousands and thousands of products sold, I thank you for your kindness and business.

Keep your powder dry!


Patmarlins™ -Specialty Products for Casting and Reloading

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