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Reloading Bench Docking Mount System


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Patmarlins™... ROCKDock Reloading Bench Docking Mount System, allows you to choose and use any press instantly, without taking up your valuable reloading bench space.

 No tools needed!


Install one or more ROCKDock docking mounts where you love to work most.

Next- order a ROCKDock™ base plate that is predrilled for each one of your presses. Grab the press you need- slide in and go! Store all of your presses on a shelf with SHELFDocks.

Free up bench space with a ROCK solid mount guaranteed! Whether you resize, swage, or for all around reloading needs. The ROCKDock™ is The lightest, strongest mounting system made and proven by 1000's of reloaders and cast shooters since 2008.



-Light weight T6061 Aircraft Aluminum. Precision Machined Quality-


Gas Check Forming Tool and Die sets


Make your own quality gas checks and NEVER buy Gas Checks again!

 -Checkmaker™ Orders In stock ship 3-4 Business Days..!



  • Meet or exceed accuracy shooting results of factory gas checks.

  • Very user friendly - fast and easy to use, and to set up.

  • Produce concentric gas checks that fit and STAY on, using the accuracy of your reloading press.

  • +/- .0005" Precision Heavy Duty machined quality with no moving parts to break or gum up.

  • Lifetime purchase and user resharpen able

  • Over 50 Calibers currently in Production and MORE to come!


Patmarlins™ fully guarantees EVERY die set and all products offered to be spot on
and work flawlessly to your satisfaction,
with a "No BS" warranty.

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